Mismatch.com - The Book
“Finally, a book for women to reclaim their dignity as online dating becomes the norm. If this book gets the message across, we just may have another sexual revolution -- only in reverse.”
“Presents multi-faceted viewpoints of those who use online dating services.”
“Exposes the realities and shares ways to limit the pain, dishonesty, cheating and heartbreak.”
“The story was waiting to be told … and this book tells it well.”
“Phenomenal writing; made me laugh so much.”
“Gets your attention at the beginning; the tone is authoritative and the bluntness makes you want to keep reading.”
“Clearly explains why some fail at online dating … by holding up a mirror to the reader.”
“Already sending shock waves through the online dating industry.”
“Finally someone had the guts to focus on what dozens of bloggers have been observing for years now -- online dating has drastically changed the ways we relate offline by giving everyone a false sense of unlimited opportunities.”
“The volume on this book IS loud but you can never go wrong with the truth.”